How was Gmail different from other Email services when it was launched?

In today’s time, Gmail is the most popularly used email service that is available in the market for the purpose of email exchange and for other communication-related purposes but the popularity of Gmail is not some sort of magic that happened overnight there is a golden history that comes associated with it. Gmail has been known among the people right from the start of the service it is so as there were other email services that were running in the market already during the launch of Gmail but there were some features that made it different and unique from its competitors.

Here, in the blog, we will see in detail all those features that made Gmail unique when it was first launched, all the services and the products become unique mostly because of the features that are offered to the people by those services or those products.

How was Gmail different from other Email services when it was launched?

The list of the features that made Gmail a unique email service for the people during its first stint goes as follows:

Data Storage: In comparison with all the other email services that were available at that time Gmail came out with the hugest storage capacity, other email services only offered 2-5 MB of data storage on the other hand Gmail had up to 1 GB of storage. This saved the people from getting their email storage cleared, again and again, the people could simply search in the interface and could get to read any message they wanted to read.

Fast Speed: While designing the user interface of the Gmail email service, the Google team kept in mind the pint of keeping it light in weight, there were no images or ads added to it, this made it easy and fast for people to load Gmail on their computers this way people using Gmail were able to save a lot of time for themselves.

Conversational View: This Gmail feature keeps all the emails coming from one person in the same thread this helps people in well maintaining their conversations in the emails without loss of the chain of thoughts.

Spam Filter: Other Email services also had spam filters, but during the launch of Gmail it was discovered that Gmail had a better and more effective spam filter as compared TO those other email services.

Invites: In the initial stages Gmail had an “Invite” feature which meant a person using Gmail could only invite other people for using a Gmail account, during the first steps the limit was set to 5 invites later it was increased to 50 and then eventually it was removed but during is launch period this feature was very much taken into notice by people.

So, these are all the features that made Gmail unique for people as it was launched, from then till now Gmail has only gained more and more popularity and the whole credit for all of this goes to the Google research and development team and also to the engineers who still keep of working on adding more and more new features to the service just with the motive of making it more reliable and friendly for the users.

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