Identity verification on Gmail account recovery page

Gmail is already popular enough among people for all the advanced and features and the technologies that it offers to people along with the service of easy email exchange the first thing that contributes the most to the popularity of the Gmail service is the sense of safety and security that comes associated with Gmail service.

The ease associated with the use of the service is also well known to most people, so here the discussion has not to be regarding all of it here the discussion has to be about Gmail account recovery ad also about the identity verification process associated with Gmail. It sometimes happens that due to certain carelessness the Gmail account gets hacked also the problem can be of forgetting the password sometimes in that case also it happens that the user is left with no other option other than conducting a recovery of the account.

Gmail Identity verification process:

Before starting with the actual account recovery process, one will have to prove his or her identity as the legal owner of the lost Gmail account. It is so because for the safety and security of all the Gmail Email service users in general it is very much necessary to have the identity verification done.

Identity verification on Gmail account recovery page

Elements used for identity verification:

• Phone number
• Alternate Email address
• Security questions

The best way to get the account verified is through the phone number, during the conduct of the account recovery process the user will be asked to enter a registered phone number. As soon as the user will enter the phone number a password will be sent on the number for verification and further the user will be able to conduct an easy reset of the password and thus the account will be recovered.

If there is no registered phone number available then the user can get the same thing done through the alternate Email ID that is registered, the user can get the verification code on this. Also, if the Email ID is not accessible then the user can also get the verification process done through the security questions as well.

Other than all of these processes the users can also get the account verification done through the "date of birth" option.

For recovering a Gmail account without a phone number the user should follow the steps as given:

The user should open Gmail through the browser and there should enter an Email ID and should then press enter on the keyboard.

After that, the user should click on the forgot password link given under the password field

The user should there enter the last password that he or she remembers

There the user should click the “Try another way” link

This is how the user can get the Gmail account recovered, for knowing more the user should get in touch with the experts they can be connected for the required help at Gmail Helpline Number UK, the option of live chats and Emails is also available 24*7 there is no such issue related to Gmail that could not be given a fix by the experts.

The issue can be something else also other than account recovery or the account verification such as it can be login or something else but that can also be fixed easily through the help of experts.