Is it possible to receive email on Gmail from the blocked person?

Gmail allows you to block any email address if you don’t want to get more emails. And when you block an email address, they won’t be able to send the email in your inbox folder. But there is a catch that a blocked address can still send you an email. The main difference is that the emails from the block addresses won’t appear in the inbox. Instead, they will be stored in the Spam folder of Gmail automatically.

And because the question is now clear that, someone can send email on Gmail if you blocked them, you can find the accounts or unblock someone by following a few steps given below.

Is it possible to receive email on Gmail from the blocked person?

Things to do if receiving email on Gmail from the blocked person:

If you are still receiving email from the blocked person in your inbox folder then, all you need to do is to check the blocked account and find if there is that particular email address. For that, you have to find blocked accounts.

• Click on the Gmail profile picture that appears at the top-right of the computer. You can manage your Google Account
• After that, click on the option “People and Sharing” and the “Contacts” section. Now click on the Blocked option
• In the end, you will find a list of accounts on which you have blocked around Google products

Now, you can see the list of blocked accounts, and now the question arises what will be the exact steps to block email messages of chat messages on Yahoo Mail.

Block Email Messages on Yahoo Mail

• First of all, open a message from the contact which you want to block
• Now, click on the “More” downward-facing arrow that appears on the right side of the message
• After that, choose “Filter messages like this” to open the filter creation dialogue
• If you only want to block emails from this sender (only email), click on “Create filter with this search”
• Choose “Delete it” on the next screen and then, click on “Create filter”

You also can delete all existing emails from that sender, in addition, to block all future ones, and then, you have to choose the check box that is labeled “Also apply the filter to match conversations” before creating the filter

Block Chat Messages

• Enter the name of the contact which you want to block and you have to do this within the search box in the chat section on any of the Gmail page
• Now, choose “Block (Email user name) from the drop-down menu which appears on the screen
• Instead, you will need to block a contact directly from a chat window just by clicking on “More” and selecting “Block (Email user name)”
• Instead of the chosen method, you will be alert that the contact has been blocked

Where are the blocked people on Gmail?

Sometimes, it has become very necessary to know the block on Gmail on any other email service. When you block someone on Facebook, you can see them in the Privacy section of the quick messaging app. Gmail allows seeing blocked address/PC interfaces/people on the web. You won’t be able to view blocked contacts in the Gmail app.

Can I send an email to a blocked address?

Yes, you can send an email to a blocked address. The Gmail block feature will move mail from a blocked address to the Spam folder from the moment you block them in the future. If you want then, you can still send emails to them and communicate normally as you do with the unblocked and regular addresses. The conversations will be banned from the Gmail spam folder.

Apart from the blocking feature, Gmail also comes with Unsubscribe feature through which you can say no to unwanted companies' emails.

Subscribe from mass emails

If you have signed up on a site that sends lots of emails like newsletters, you easily can use the unsubscribe link to stop getting these emails.

• First of all, go to Gmail on your computer
• Open an email from the sender whom you want to unsubscribe from
• Click on Unsubscribe or Change preferences appears next to the sender’s name

If you aren’t able to see these options then, you will need to contact Gmail Customer Care Support Number for instant and reliable assistance to block the sender or mark the message as spam. As Gmail experts have experience in dealing with Gmail-related errors so they will help you in blocking a particular Gmail address.