Is it possible to recover discarded draft on Gmail?

Gmail has all those features that will enhance the experience of the users. People love to use this email service because of its exciting features and fast emailing service. Gmail allows you to recover an email if you have mistakenly deleted it and for that, you have to go to the Trash folder (but within a certain time period) to recover that email.

Just like recovering deleted email, you can recover discarded draft on Gmail. Yes, if you have discarded the draft mistakenly and find that you have taken a wrong step then, you can recover it. Well, it is very tough to recover a deleted draft in Gmail service but there is a chance that if the situation allows. There are two ways to recover deleted drafts in Gmail and for that, follow a few steps given below.

Is it possible to recover discarded draft on Gmail?

• The action has not completed sending yet because it is scheduled to send a particular number of numbers every day
• The Campaign has completed sending, but it has auto follow-ups allocated to it, and not all the auto follow-ups have been sent

Undo Button to Recover Discarded Draft on Gmail

This is the exact way but you have like 10 seconds just after deleting a draft to use this feature to retrieve it. When you discard a draft in Gmail, then you will get a small pop-up that appears at the bottom left corner of the email with the “Undo” option. You have to click on this “Undi” option and the draft will be retrieved quickly.

You have to keep in mind that the pop-up will only stay available for about 10 seconds and will be deleted if you move to a different section. Therefore, you must act in this time period. When the pop-up disappears then, there is no other way to recover it via Undo

Retrieve draft on the phone

It is not a common thing nowadays that people love to log in to the Gmail account from both the desktop and Smartphone. If you have deleted the email on the desktop, then you might still be able to retrieve it from the phone if you have taken action immediately. The Gmail mobile app is updated constantly, therefore even if you have deleted the draft on the PC and it will still take some time to synchronize these changes on the phone.

Wherever you find it, it is only one Draft, and based on the state of the action, it might have one or more of the above Labels linked to it.

• If the action has finished sending but has pending auto follow-ups, it will just have the GMass Auto Followups Label that is applied to it
• If the action is in the middle of sending and also it has pending auto follow-ups, it will have Both the GMass Scheduled and the GMass Auto Followups Labels that are applied to it
• If the action has completed sending and does not have any auto follow-ups then, it will not have any Label that applied to it other than the standard Gmail Drafts Label

Quickly remove the internet access to your phone therefore it would not be able to synchronize the changes. After that, open the Gmail app and it will load data from the cache that includes the draft if it has not been already synchronized.

You can copy the contents and save them somewhere safe and secure. You can also create a new draft with the same content and allow it to synchronize by enabling the internet connection. Call on Gmail Helpline Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for instant assistance. The technical experts are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.