Is there any way to fix Gmail on iPhone or iPad?

Gmail has become the most popular email service when it comes to send or receive emails or any email-related work. Whether it is an Android, Windows, or iOS device, people easily can use Gmail on their devices. In case, if Gmail isn’t working on iPad or iPhone then, it is highly recommended to follow a few steps to fix this issue.

Well, there are so many reasons behind the issue of Gmail on iPhone or iPad and hence, we will discuss all of them one by one. First of all, make sure that your iOS device is connected with a good internet connection because a weak signal won’t allow Gmail to work on your device.

Is there any way to fix Gmail on iPhone or iPad?

Sol 1 - Check Gmail Websites for Alerts

As your iPhone or iPad isn’t able to provide details about the sign-in failure so this is the time to visit the Gmail website. If you are using a Computer then, it is easy to navigate with a bigger screen. Open Safari, Chrome or any other trusted Internet Browser, go to, and enter the Gmail account credentials.

If you are using an iPhone then, you might see a pop-up that recommends you to download an application but this is the right time. Choose the small link that appears at the bottom that says “mobile Gmail site”.

On logging in, you can watch for an alert or email box that says something with the “Someone has stolen your password” or “Gmail has blocked your attempt at signing in”. If you see an email or box just like this then, choose the link that appears inside titled “that was me” and “review your devices now” and you will see any links with a similar language.

Sol 2 - Remove Gmail Account and Re-add it

Login into and check the device notifications and activity to ensure that your device isn’t being blocked, see if IMAP is turned on, and do a CAPTCHA reset, this is the time to move ahead, the modern way of unplugging and plugging back in and remove the Gmail account from your device and add it again.

In most cases, Gmail servers store all emails which means that removing the Gmail account from the device won’t delete anything from the main server. When you are done with the account setup then, all of your notes, contacts, and emails will be right back.

Sol 3 - Try to Reset CAPTCHA

You should try to reset the CAPTCHA and unblock the security feature portion under the radar on Google to allow new devices to establish a better connection successfully.

To complete the CAPTCHA reset, head to Google’s CAPTCHA reset page and enter the username and password to log in. Use your iPhone or iPad to login into your Gmail account. The attempt at signing in should work this time, and Google will now never block your device in the future.

If you have followed all the above-given steps and still there is an issue with Gmail on iOS then, there might be an issue from your iOS end and in that case, it is recommended to reset your iOS device and then, use Gmail again.

Sol 4 - Reset and restart your iOS

If only clearing background applications doesn’t help then, try to conduct a soft reset on your iOS. When you do this then, few caches will be cleared. The cache might cause conflict with the Google services individually Gmail app on the iOS.

Soft reset your iOS

• Press and hold the Side Button and either Volume button altogether for a few seconds
• Release both buttons while the Slide to Power off command appears
• Drag the Power off slider to the right to shut down your phone
• After 30 seconds, again press and hold the Side button unless the Apple logo appears and then release it

If the iPhone becomes unresponsive as the Gmail app crashes then, a soft reset couldn’t be done. In this case, force your iPhone to restart it with the following steps

Force Restart your iOS

• Press and release the Volume Up button quickly
• Press and release the Volume Down button quickly
• At a final, press and hold the Slide button unless you aren’t seeing the Apple logo

Note: Restarting methods don’t affect any saved data on the internal memory of your phone and hence backing up files isn’t necessary at that time.

Doing this will definitely fix the issue and contact Gmail Care UK and get in touch with the experts for instant and reliable assistance. The experts are available and help you out immediately.