How to conduct a setup of the Gmail app for Mac?

The Mail app in the MacOS is just like most other email clients and it allows the users to add an email account from their favorite email service provider like Gmail so that one can send and receive an email with utmost ease and comfort. It means that you can have access to the Gmail account using the app version on Mac.

Gmail is a very kind service as it supports almost all devices including Android, iOS, or Windows. By seeing this, we are here with the exact step to Set Up the Gmail App for Mac, and for that, you have to follow a few steps which are mentioned below.

How to conduct a setup of the Gmail app for Mac?

What to do to get Gmail on Mac?

One can easily download a third-party app for Mac to use it as a desktop email client to get Gmail on it. This is the simplest way to download Gmail on the desktop in case if you are a Mac user and don’t want to access your Gmail account on the browser tab.

There is a Mail app that is built into macOS to access Gmail on the desktop using a Mac device. It will take a few steps to set up Gmail to work with the Mac Mail app. For that-

• Click on the ‘Add Account’ while on the Mail Page
• Then, you have to select ‘Google’ from the drop-down menu that appears under ‘Choose the mail account provider’
• Choose ‘Continue’ and then click on ‘Open Safari’ in the new box which will open
• Enter the Gmail address and then, choose ‘Next’ and enter the password
• Choose ‘Next’ and enter the code which you receive if you use two-factor authentication and choose ‘Next’ again
• After that, choose ‘Allow’ for the permissions and also sync notes, contact, and calendars in addition to the Gmail account
• The Gmail account will then appear in the left-hand sidebar of the Mail app under the ‘Mailboxes’

There are so many third-party apps that will allow the users to access Gmail on Mac using the desktop version.

What is an alternative to accessing Gmail on Mac?

Apart from downloading the third-party app, one can get Gmail on the desktop using other individual email clients as well. Well, these options need more steps than using the Shift as a desktop email client.

Although a third-party app called “Shift” provides a Gmail app for the PC so that you can manage multiple Gmail accounts when you want right from the desktop but, still there are a few more options through which you can access Gmail on Mac. One other option is to set up IMAP in Gmail and then, add it to your Mail app to use it on your Mac device.

• Click on the “square’ icon in the Gmail app appears in the top right-hand corner
• Click on the ‘Settings’ in the drop-down menu
• Click on the Forwarding and IMAP/POP
• Now, you have to choose ‘Enable IMAP
• Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save Changes’ that appears at the bottom of the page

You are now all done with the setup to use Gmail on the Mac devices

Can I create a Gmail app on a Mac device?

One can easily create a Gmail app on a Mac device and it is quite tough than it is on PC-

• First of all, open the Mail app and choose Add Account
• Navigate the Choose a Mail account provider and choose Google in the drop-down menu
• Click Continue and a new box will be opened and from here choose open Safari
• After that, you will be prompted for your Gmail address and enter it and press the Next option
• Enter the info again and click on Next and then, Allow to permit it and you are all done!

You can find your Gmail account, and look for it appears in the left-hand sidebar of the Mail app appears under Mailboxes


Another way to get Gmail on the Mac is to access and when you send and receive Gmail messages via the browser using that URL then, there is no need to worry about the email server settings or download anything. It works in Safari or other web browsers which you are using.