Solutions to apply for Gmail not receiving Emails

As it comes to the smooth exchange of emails, messages and to the establishment of efficient communication through the internet among the people sitting around the globe here and there the first name that strikes anyone is Gmail, the service is known for its world-class security features that it provides the people with and also the Gmail email service is popular among the people as it comes with the trust, safety and security of Google.

But even with the easy to use Gmail service there are many technologies and features that come added and because of that the users while using the service are often seen confused and stuck with some unavoidable technical glitches, so here in the blog, we will see the solutions one should apply for the fix of the most common issue of Gmail not receiving Emails.

There can be many reasons behind this problem of Gmail, but here we will discuss solutions for all those reasons well in detail so that the user will be able to get through this problem in a very smooth manner.

Solutions to apply for Gmail not receiving Emails

b>Use Gmail on another browser: There can be an issue with the default browser; therefore the user should try to use the service on some other browser. Perhaps then the user will be able to receive emails on Gmail.

Gmail server down: If the user is not able to receive emails through Gmail then there is also a possibility that there is some server related issue, the user should check Gmail for that and if there is a server issue then the user should wait for the server issue to be resolved.

Gmail storage: The Gmail storage capacity comes up to 15 GB if that has been filled then the user will have to work on freeing up space, only then the user will be able to receive emails in Gmail.

In order to free up space in Gmail storage the user should follow the steps as given below:

• From the Gmail inbox, the user should choose some Emails to be deleted
• Next, the user should click on the delete button
• In the left of the Gmail tab, the user should click “more”
• Next, the user should open bin
• For removing the emails the user should click the option “empty Bin now”

Email filter settings: In case of Gmail not receiving emails the problem can be related to filter settings, so the user should get the filter settings checked and if required then the settings should be changed accordingly.

Disable Email forwarding: The user should also get the Email forwarding disabled if it has been enabled for that the user should follow the given steps:

• In Gmail, the user should click on the “settings button”
• Further, the user should choose the “settings” option
• In order to open the tab, the user should choose “forwarding and POP/IMAP”
• In the next step, the user should click on the “disable forwarding option”
• At last, the user should click the option “Save changes”

Other than this the firewall should also be checked, it should either be turned off or it should be given a reconfiguration, if other than this the user feels the need to know more than in that case, the user should get in touch with the team of technicians at Gmail help number UK also the experts can be reached for the required help through the option of live chat and Emails there is no such issue related to Gmail that the users may fail to resolve, the users can be sure of getting instant as well as the most accurate solution for all Gmail related issues and errors.