How to synchronize Outlook with Gmail in 2022?

Microsoft Outlook desktop client has become one remarkable gift for the PC users from the company. The desktop clients have a simple yet friendly user interface. It will help the users to manage contacts, emails, calendars and etc. from the desktop. It even allows you to perform offline work with proper configurations and settings. It is simple to synchronize Outlook with Gmail in 2022 with just a few steps.

It also allows you to configure POP, IMAP, and office 365 Accounts and work without any error. With this collaboration with a famous app like MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, this is the best email client which one must-have.

How to synchronize Outlook with Gmail in 2022?

Create Gmail Account and Login

You easily can create an account on Gmail and to synchronize, you have to sign in to your account. To create and sign into your account, you have to follow a few steps.

• First, you have to open Gmail and enter your mail address
• There you have to click on Next and enter the password and again click on Next
• Now, you successfully have signed into your account, move ahead with the next section

Steps to Enable IMAP in Gmail

There are a few users who want to enable IMAP settings so that they can configure both of the emails flawlessly.

• First of all, click on the gear icon that shows Settings
• Then, choose the Settings gear icon by clicking on it
• Click on Forwarding and IMAP/POP from the Settings menu that opens
• Now, you have to choose Enable IMAP option from the IMAP Access section
• There click on Save Changes and you now enabling procedure of IMAP access successful in the Gmail Settings

This is the place where you have to move ahead with the procedure to access to less secure app

Quick ways to Enable Access to Less Secure Apps

It is simple to allow less secure apps but it is not recommended to do so. If this option is turned off then, you won’t access Outlook to Gmail

For avoiding security risks, it is advisable to enable Two-Step verification and set up the app password. To enable this security on Gmail Account-

• First of all, navigate the Gmail Profile of your account and choose Google Account
• Move ahead with the password section, you have to click on Two-Step verification and enable it

For enabling “Access to Less Secure Apps”, you have to move ahead with the following steps.

• First of all, go to the Gmail Account profile and then, Google Account
• Choose the Security Option appears on the left and scroll the page down
• Under the “Less Secure App” access, choose Turn on access and click on the switch
• There you have to allow less secure apps status would change to On

Quick Steps to Setup Gmail Account in Outlook

Because all the conditional changes have been made, so move ahead with the syncing and adding Gmail Account. Move ahead with the below steps to do so-

• First and foremost, open Outlook and click on the File tab and click on Add Account
• Enter the Gmail email address in the welcome screen, click on the Advanced option
• There you have to choose Let me setup account manually, and click on Connect

For Gmail with Outlook synchronization, you will need settings configuration and other options with manual steps

• Incoming Mail
• Server:
• Port: 993
• Encryption Method: SSL/TLS
• Outgoing Mail Server:
• Port: 465
• Encryption Method: SSL/TLS

This is the time where you have to click on Next

• Enter the Gmail Account Password and there you have to click Connect
• Wait for the procedure to finish, click on Ok

Note: The time for the process to complete would depend on the mailbox size. You also can set up Outlook on Mobile

The Gmail account has been Synchronized Successfully with Outlook

Gmail Account adding and synchronizing is successful with Outlook. Now, you can move ahead by using the Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook on the desktop.

Backup Gmail in Outlook PST

Outlook saves and stores the entire mailbox data inside the PST data file with POP Settings. That contains everything that includes Calendar, Contacts, Attachments and etc.

It is simple to configure the Gmail account with MS Outlook as it helps to add the old Gmail Mailboxes to Outlook. You can choose from the IMAP Backup tool. It allows you to back up the entire Gmail mailbox to the PST File. It can be accessed with MS Outlook easily. You can contact Gmail Help to get assistance.

The setup progress is simple enough, enter the username and password you usually to sign in to the email account. After that, choose the data types to synchronize. With Microsoft and Google accounts, you can synchronize contacts and calendar information and messages as well.