What is the Right Way to Use Gmail on Mac?

Gmail has always been their best choice for people to consider for people as it comes to their process of email exchange and the whole process of communication. There can be nothing better than Gmail for that as out of all its competitors Gmail has been the easiest for people to understand and to use, also one can be very sure regarding the safety and security of the systems as well as it would be the best option for the users to protect their privacy.

Use Gmail on Mac

Well, there are already so many features related to the service that makes it a smart choice for the users, but the one that generally makes Gmail their favorite for people is the compatibility of the service and the Gmail account with all the devices and the operating systems, the users can use their Gmail account on any of the devices very easily, it is just that the user needs to know the exact process, so here to make it easier for people we will see how the users can Use Gmail On Mac, as the Apple brand products are a bit complex for the users to understand and so they are often found stuck with the basic day to day processes also, so yes it is easy for them to use Gmail on Mac but they may get stuck so here we are with all the guidance that can be of help.

What is the Right Way to Use Gmail on Mac?

Access I Map configured Gmail on Mac:

In order to get this done the user will have to follow the given steps:

• The users are advised to open Gmail app on Mac, further from the mail menu the user is advised to choose “Add account”
• A mail provider screen will then appear, where the user will have to choose “Google” • Next, the user will have to click on “continue”
• In order to get completed with the authentication process, the user will have to choose “open browser”
• Further, the users are advised to enter Gmail email address there further they need to click on “next”
• After that, the users are advised to enter the password and then they would need to click on “next”
• If there is two-factor authentication enabled, then the users will receive a code through SMS, and there the users after entering the code will need to click on “next”
• Google will then display a list of permissions given by the users for the Mac OS
• The list should be given a review and then next at the bottom of the screen the user will have to click on “allow”
• Then, in the list of apps, the users are to put a tick mark in the check box given next to each app to which the user wishes to provide permission
• Then, the user will next need to click on “done”
• Not just email the user can also sync contacts, calendars and notes
• In the mailbox section, all the addresses appearing would be added

Concluding Lines:

So, this is how the users can use Gmail and Mac together without any problem it is just that the sync settings need to be taken into consideration, for more help the users should just read the guide given here very carefully, the issue has been discussed very well with all the minute details, there is no stone that has been left unturned all that is required is a careful proper read of the guide, as the users would do that rest of it would automatically become easy for people.