What are the important things to do while changing your Gmail password?

Gmail has so many features which are the reason why people love to use this email service. But the question always arises about the security of the application, software, or service which you are using. And same goes with Gmail as people generally get stuck because of the compromised mail account. You can’t blame Gmail for this because not every account is hacked. You might have done a few mistakes due to which you are stuck with such circumstances.

A big reason behind a compromised or hacked account is easy to password strength. If you have chosen a simple password that is similar to your user account name, Date of Birth, or similar like this then, the hackers can easily guess that password, and then, the result you know very well.

By seeing this in mind, it is very much recommended you take care of a few important things to do while changing your Gmail password. We are here with a few things which you should keep in mind while changing your Gmail password. With the same, we will discuss an outstanding way to keep your account completely secure and safe.

What are the important things to do while changing your Gmail password?

Important Steps to follow before changing Gmail Password

Gmail allows you to change your account password and it is very necessary to change your password from time to time so that no one can have an idea that you are smart enough to keep your account secure. Now the question arises what are those steps which one should follow before changing a password. Let’s move ahead with the answer to this query.

• Make sure that you are not using any previous password. It means if you have chosen abc@#$123 at the very first time and still using the same then, it will not work as a good strength password.
• Never choose those kinds of passwords that are common and hacked easily. For example, if you have chosen any password just like your email address then, hackers are so smart to guess what should be the password.
• Always use letters in Caps and small and keep your password with a strong combination of symbols, numbers, and letters. But don’t use that many tough passwords that you cannot remember.
• You can use any Password manager in case if you have chosen so tough password with a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers. A password manager will keep all of your passwords safe in a vault and provide you access when you have to access your device.
• After changing your Gmail password, you will be asked to sign out your account from all devices, and when you will be asked for such a question click on Yes so that if there are any other devices that have your account accessed.

As we already have told you that we will have an outstanding way to keep your account completely secure and safe, so let’s discuss that way.

Two-factor Authentication

Strong passwords are fine but in case, if you want to keep your email account safe and secure, then two-factor authentication provides an extra and strong later of security. Don’t worry, you easily can set up Two-Step verification for Gmail as the step is so simple.

How does Two-Factor Authentication Work?

When you enable Two-Factor Authentication, signing into your account will be quite different. It will be like:

1. You will enter your password as usual whenever you sign in to Google
2. You will be asked for something else: It means a code will be sent to your given phone number via text or the Mobile app, or voice call as well. In case if you have a Security key then, you can enter it into your PC’s USB Port

Now, you will understand what the importance of Two-Factor Authentication is and what kind of outstanding security it provides to your Gmail account. In case of any query, you can call on Gmail Customer Contact Number UK and the experts are always there to serve you best in any manner they can.