What are the ways to categorize or organize Messages in Gmail using labels?

Most of the email servers which trust the folder series to manage emails, Gmail will replace the folders in the labels folders. These labels are actually a tagging system for the email messages and you can make use of labels to manage messages by using Gmail on any OS. You can categorize or organize Messages in Gmail by using labels and for that, you have to stick with the below-given steps.

You easily can categorize or organize messages in Gmail using labels and for that, you have to follow the steps and there are some more ways to save contact details from an email sender Gmail from this guide

What are the ways to categorize or organize Messages in Gmail using labels?

Add a Label to Gmail Message

Folder-based sort will store emails in one location and the Label-based sorting can apply to the various labels to a single email.

Adding one or more labels to Gmail Messages-

• First of all, sign in to your Gmail account and open an email
• Or you can choose the checkboxes in the message list to choose various emails
• Go to the toolbar and choose the Labels icon and the in the Label As dialog box and choose the label you want to apply
• Then, you have to create new to make and apply a new label and you are all done

Quick to ways Customize your Gmail Labels

The dialog box label consists of a link to Manage Labels that is a shortcut to the Labels screen of the Gmail settings menu. Either click on the link or go to the Settings and Labels or in case you are logged into your Gmail account using the shortcut link

Gmail Labels Settings

You will see the custom labels at the bottom of the screen and choose to Create New Lable to add a new label to the list

Every Label Support Four Settings Groups

Show in Label List- Anytime a list of email with the labels that will appear in the left sidebar and choose Show to appear the label constantly, hide to suppress it constantly, or show if the unread to appear only when unread emails with that label appear

Show in message list – Choose whether the label that appears on the messages in the message list

Actions – Choose to Remove to delete the label or edit to change it

Show in IMAP – Force email programs that use IMAP folders instead of Gmail labels to treat labels such as IMAP folders

Manage Gmail Labels

You can edit or delete Gmail labels and for that-

• Go to the Folders panel and choose the label which you want to manage
• Choose the More option appears in the right of the label name
• After that, select the feature which you want to change, like the label color, or choose Edit for changing the label name or nest it under another label
• Choose Save to apply the changes and then, select Remove Label from the More menu to remove a label

A quick way to save information from the iPhone Email using Gmail-

One can save the contact detail of an emails ender in the iPhone Mail App to the Contact app, either by creating a new contact or by adding the information to the existing contact. It consists of information on the way to add an address that you will find in the email body to a new or to an existing contact.

Save Contact Information from an Email Sender in Gmail

All you need to save the contact information to a new or existing contact in iPhone Mail is an email from the person

• Open the Mail app on the iPhone and in the Mail app Inbox, tap on an email from a sender which you want to add to the Phone Contacts
• Now, you have to scroll to the top of the message and then, tap on the name or email address that you see to open a contact screen
• Select Create New Contact to make a new contact by using that sender’s email address
• Confirm the name and add a photo and edit or add details and then, tap on Done
• To add the email address to a contact which you already have, you have to tap on Add to Existing Contact after tapping the name or email address of the person that appears at the top of an email

Now, scroll down and choose the person from the contact list which pop-ups and edit any details as required, and tap on Update

Save Contact Information from an Address in Email Body

Another method to add someone’s email address to an existing or new contact on your iPhone is to get their email address in the body of an email. Use this method if someone else has sent you the email address or if the address which you want to use is in the email signature.

For this, open the email message which contains the email address and hold your finger down on the address link. Now, choose to Add to Contacts and in the screen that opens, you have to choose to Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact and then, follow the steps as mentioned in the below section

Use Labels to organize Gmail clearly

Gmail is a Label-based system in which Inbox, Drafts, and Trash are technical Labels. Labels are an excellent way to organize Gmail and they are like tags that you can add to emails which you send or receive. The great thing is that you can add more than one Label to an email and another feature you would love is the ability to add colors to the Labels.

You also can have Gmail apply labels to the emails as they come and save your manual effort.

Setup Desktop Notifications for New Emails

If you are in a customer-facing role, there are a few lots of emails every day. If you prefer real-time engagement, then it is strongly suggested to set up desktop notifications. This way, you will see notifications in the top right of the screen every time when you receive a new email.

To enable desktop notification you have to,

• Firstly, head to your settings, and in the general settings menu, you have to scroll to the “Desktop Notifications” and click on the radio buttons to enable them

Pro Tip- Sometimes desktop Notifications can become irritating and distracting as well. To avoid falling into this trap, you have to turn on the desktop notifications for the emails which are only marked as “Important”.