What are the ways to remove a Gmail account from a device?

Gmail is widely used all across the world and credit goes to its outstanding features that work fantastically to enhance the experience of the users. There are some reasons due to which you might have to remove your Gmail account from a device and in that case, it is advisable to follow the exact step because a single mistake might get you stuck.

You easily can remove Gmail Account from device whether it is, Android, iOS, or any secondary device. Make sure that you have a good internet connection because a weak connection won’t allow you to do these changes.

What are the ways to remove a Gmail account from a device?


Removal of Gmail Account from Android

• First of all, go to Settings on your Android device
• Now, choose Accounts and go to Gmail
• Here, you have to choose Accounts and then, go to Gmail
• Choose the Menu and then, remove Account
• Follow the on-screen instructions and then, choose Remove Account

Removal of Gmail Account from iOS

• First of all, choose the Menu icon from the Gmail application
• Now, choose Edit that appears on the top of the screen
• Choose Remove two times and then, complete the removal process

Removal of Gmail Account Remotely from Secondary Device

If you have lost your Android device if it is been stolen then, you will need to remove the account remotely within your Google account settings online. This step can be done from another device like any other computer.

• First of all, sign in to your Google account on the web from another device and then, click on “Security” which appears in the left-hand menu
• Now, scroll down to the “Your Devices” and then, click on “Manage Devices”
• After that, you will have the devices list of Google account which you will need to sign in
• Here, click on the missing device, and under “Account Access”, click on THE “Remove” option
• You will then prompted with a warning where you have to confirm which you do want to remove your account and click on “Remove” to confirm the action

When that is done, then you will get the confirmation message that your account access has been removed from your device

While doing this will log out you from your device and it doesn’t remove it completely. You will then, receive an alert on your device to take account action where you will be prompted to enter the password again to retrieve the access

• To remove traces of your account from the device at this point you will need to head to the Android settings, go to the Settings and Account and then, locate the Google Account
• Here, you will need to click on “Remove Account” and then, confirm to remove it completely
• When this is done then, the last trace of the mail account will be removed completely from the device

This is the important key when if you have lost your Android device or if you are planning to sell it then, remove your Gmail account if you want to add a second

You can be signed into as many accounts as you want and if you want to remove the Gmail account then, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes from beginning to end.

Consequences of Gmail Account Removal

Removal of Gmail account might not be an issue for the iOS device but that won’t be the main case if you have an Android device

Android users cannot do without a mail account and it isn’t important for some applications, but it is connected to Google Play as well and if you remove the Gmail account then, you won’t be able to access the Google Play Store.

In case, if you are facing any issue while removing your Gmail account then, it is recommended to call the experts at Gmail Customer Care Helpline UK and consult the experts for possible resolutions. Calling the technical experts is the only way to fix this error immediately as they have answers to all queries.