What is Gmail archived mail and how to use it?

Rather than deleting an email and losing it for good, you can select to archive it. As quickly as a message is placed in the Gmail archive, it will be removed from the inbox and tagged with the label All Mail. These emails remain in the Gmail account and they can be recovered easily at a further time, but in the meantime, they are out of mind or out of sight.

Sending an email to the Gmail archive is simple, and this is why some people mistakenly archive emails just by clicking or tapping on the wrong option. Still, recovering emails are also so simple. We are here with the exact knowledge of Gmail archived usage and many more.

What is Gmail archived mail and how to use it?

Archive Emails on Desktop Computer

Procedure to archive emails on a desktop computer browser, iOS, and Android are different and hence, we are here with all of the steps to do so.

To archive emails in Gmail on a desktop PC or web browser

• To archive an email on the PC, you can access the Gmail interface through the web browser
• Choose the email or emails which you want to archive just by clicking in the accompanying checkboxes so that each of them will get highlighted
• After that, choose the Archive icon that appears at the top of the screen that is represented by a folder with a down arrow inside of it
• The emails are moved and a confirmation email appears with the link labeled Undo that reverses the change if you click it

Archive Emails on an iOS or Android Device

Moving emails into the archive is even simpler on tablets and smartphones when using the Gmail app. You have to swipe it from right to left on an email in the inbox or from another folder and it is instantly archived, and assume that your swiping settings haven’t been modified previously.

To validate the Gmail swiping settings beforehand, you will need to take the following mentioned steps.

On Android Devices

• First of all, open Gmail on the Android device by tapping on the Gmail icon
• Now, choose the menu option and then, choose Settings and General Settings
• Then, choose the Default Notification Action option and confirm that Archive is chosen

On iOS Devices

• First of all, open the Gmail app by clicking on the Gmail icon on your iOS mobile device and tap on the menu icon that appears in the upper-left corner of the inbox
• Choose Settings and Swipe actions and select Left Swipe or Right Swipe, if you prefer

Both are set to Archive by default, but you might have reassigned them and confirm that Archive is checked or check it if required

Recover Archived Emails in a Browser

Well, archived emails are removed from the inbox these emails are still stored in the Gmail account and can be recovered in a few steps. These emails also remain indexed and appear when you are searching for Gmail messages. You can see emails when they are archived, but if you plan to continue doing the conversation and move the messages in the conversation to the Inbox.

• Choose All Mail on the left side of Gmail
• Then, choose the emails which you want to return to the Inbox and the emails that are in the Inbox are labeled Inbox in front of the subject line.

In the main toolbar above the emails, choose Move to Inbox and a confirmation appears that verifies the emails which have been moved to the Inbox. Choose Undo to reverse the procedure.

Recover Archived Emails on Mobile App

Now, we are here with the exact step to move archived messages back to the Inbox using the Mobile Gmail app in case, if you mistakenly have archived an email. For that,

• First of all, tap on the menu icon that appears at the top of the screen
• Now, tap on All Mail in the panel that opens and tap on the email which you want to recover
• After that, tap on the three-dot menu that appears at the upper-right corner of the messages
• This is the reason that you have to tap on Move to Inbox

Now, you are done with the above-given steps to use and customized archived emails. Call on Gmail Support Number UK to get connected with the technical experts for instant assistance. They are experienced and certified and will help you out.