What is the use of Bcc in Gmail and how can it be used?

Gmail is the best email service that is available for people around the globe for the easy establishment of contacts among people; the users are seen giving preference to Gmail over other email services when it comes to getting an email account created, it is so as the Gmail Email service comes with the assurance of Google and is therefore very safe and secure for all people, they can use Gmail for all of their personal as well as professional communication needs without any worries related to privacy or any other such things.

Other than the safety and the security associated with Gmail there is much more that is associated with the workings of the service in the name of all its latest and most advanced features, there is no other email service that is as rich as Gmail in terms of features and there are none of the features associated with Gmail that is not useful for people in some way or the other, but understanding all of these features often becomes a problem for the users due to lack of technical knowledge, here we will see the use of Bcc in Gmail.

What is the use of Bcc in Gmail and how can it be used?

What is the use of Bcc in Gmail?

Well, Bcc stands for blind carbon copy; it is used when an email has to be sent through Gmail without sharing the email addresses of the recipients with each other. If while sending an email through Gmail the user will enter any email address in the Bcc field then that email address will not be visible to any other recipient of the same email. This feature is really good for the protection of the privacy of people.

How to use Bcc in Gmail?

Now that the users have got a basic idea regarding what is Bcc in Gmail, it is further going to be very easy for them to understand the process to be followed for the use of this particular feature.

In order to use Bcc in Gmail the user should follow the steps given below:

• The user should click on “compose” to start with a new Email
• On the right side, the user should click on “Bcc” in the new message Window
• Then, in the “to” section user should enter the primary recipients
• The email addresses of the primary recipients will be visible to everyone receiving that email
• Then in the Bcc field, the user should enter the email address that has to be hidden from the recipients
• The user should, at last, get the message edited as per the requirement and should click on “send”

So, this is all about the Bcc feature of Gmail Email service and this is how it has to be used if other than this, the user feels the need to know anything more related to Gmail then, in that case, the user should get in touch with the team of technicians they can be connected for the required help at Gmail Customer Phone Number UK, also they can be reached for the required help through the option of live chats and emails, there is no such error or issue related to Gmail that the team of technicians may fail to resolve.

If the users are not able to get through any issue or error related to the workings of Gmail, then for the easy and instant fix of the issue the best option would be to ask the team of experts to help they are specially trained and certified for dealing with the technical issues in Gmail Email service, they can be connected for the required help as and when needed helplines are open all the time.