What should I do to hide Google Hangouts in the Gmail sidebar?

It doesn’t matter that you are a causal user or a self-employed entrepreneur that spends hours sending and reading emails, you can do it through the Gmail service. Because Gmail is the main and premier email service of Google so, there are thousands and millions of Gmail customers who send billions of emails every day.

One of the main advantages of being an official Google subsidiary means that it has collaborated with many other services like Drive, Calendar, Photos, and Hangouts as well. As a Gmail userbase, Hangouts is not as famous as Gmail. And in case, if you want to remove or hide Google Hangouts in the Gmail sidebar then, you are at the right place as we will discuss the exact way to hide hangouts from the Gmail sidebar.

What should I do to hide Google Hangouts in the Gmail sidebar?

Summary of Google Hangouts

Before moving ahead with the exact steps to hide Google hangouts in the Gmail sidebar, you must have knowledge of Gmail Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is basically a “Communication software program” or you can say a chat app that is aimed at enterprises, along the lines of the Team of Microsoft. For many users, specifically for those who use Gmail for personal emails, instead of anything related to business, Hangouts tends to be quite annoying. It consumes precious email reading real estate without contributing anything to the user.

Appearing in the Gmail sidebar, you can see the reason for getting in the way. Fortunately, there is a simple way to hide it from the view so that one can get email reading or writing experience flawlessly.

Hide Google Hangouts in Gmail Sidebar

• First of all, go to the browser and log in to Google Account. If you aren’t logged in yet then, go to Gmail and then, enter the credentials to access your Gmail account
• When logged in then, find the small “cog” icon that appears on the top-right corner of the screen appears near your profile picture and the calendar option as well
• Now, click on the cog and after that, the “See all settings” menu from the drop-down menu • You have to find the “Chat and Meet” option from the top bar of the menu that appears and after that, choose “Hangouts off”
• This is the time to click on “Save Changes” and allow the page to reload

When the page has loaded again then, you will see the regular inbox that comes with a noticeable modification in the bottom left where the Hangouts window was and no it has gone.

When you hide Hangouts then, you have just gained some screen space that was really valuable and even worth it if you are working on a small screen device.

The motive of hiding Google Hangouts

Many people want to get a clutter-free Gmail interface or want to get more screen space and it will help a quiet when you hide the Hangouts from the Gmail sidebar. But it is really very much important to know some more tricks and tips to do so.

Additional/Extra Space

As given, there are most people who want to hide Hangouts so that they can gain more screen space, specifically in cluttered inboxes. That well said, there are a few more things which you can do to get the same results.

Display Density

If you really don’t care about the fancy-looking email tags or labels and want to be able to look at email titles at a glance, then you can set your display density from the “Default” option to either “Compact” or “Comfortable”. The comfortable option will delete or remove any unnecessary flair on the emails and make them simpler to differentiate. Well, some users might not notice a great change.

The compact option will lessen the space that is taken by a single email and allow you a more brief overview of your inbox. And definitely, it will be best when you are trying to get a clean and clutter-free Inbox or entire Gmail interface.

Follow these above-given things to get more clear space and a clutter-free Gmail inbox. In case, if any error persists then, you should contact Gmail Helpline Number UK and get in touch with the experts for any assistance.