What to do if not able to receive all emails on Gmail?

Gmail has become one of the best email services and it provides excellent communication way to you through emails. This email service has an intuitive and simple interface that allows you to customize email settings and you also can send email without any assistance. Gmail will keep all your emails safe and secure with the help of its security features called “Two-Factor Authentication”.

Sometimes you might get stuck when not able to receive all emails on Gmail and at that time you get stuck. But fixing it immediately will become mandatory because without fixing this error, you cannot able to get any of the emails. We are here with the reasons and fixings for this not receiving email on Gmail error.

What to do if not able to receive all emails on Gmail?

Open Gmail in Different Browser

If you think that your Gmail account is not receiving emails then, open it in a different browser and then, check if the issue is still there. You might use any other browser for this purpose, but it is highly recommended to do this thing. This browser is designed on the Chromium engine, but unlike Chrome but it won’t send the data to Google.

You will need to mention that the Chrome browser has a built-in VPN, Adblock, privacy tracking, and malware security, and hence it is one of the most secure browsers online.

Internet Connection

Gmail has become one of the best email services and it requires a good internet connection to send and receive emails. If you don’t have a good network connection then, you won’t be able to receive emails on Gmail. You should check this error by sending an email to yourself and if you didn’t receive the email then, contact the Internet service provider.

Check Gmail Storage Quota

If your Gmail storage quota is running out of space then, you might not be able to receive any new email. To check the Gmail storage quota

• Click on Upgrade Storage in Google Drive and open the tab
• You will be provided the allocated storage space for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos up to 15 GB
• Those users who have reached the 15GB storage mark will need to free up some space and for that, open Gmail in a Browser
• Now, choose some emails to remove by clicking on the “Delete” option
• Click on More appears on the left of the Gmail’s tab and then, click on Bin to open it
• Click on the Empty Bin now option and delete the emails there and thereafter, users might start to get Gmail to start receiving emails on Gmail again

Delete Email Filters

If there is any filter that is applied to the email then, you won’t be able to receive email

• Users easily can delete the filters by clicking the Settings button and choosing Settings
• Click on Filters and blocked addresses and open the tab and choose all filters listed in that tab
• Press the Delete option to delete the filters

Gmail users sometimes unable to receive emails in their inbox and can be because the filters rerouting emails to the alternative folders

Disable Email Forwarding

• First of all, click on the Settings option in the Gmail
• Choose the Settings option and choose Forwarding
• After that, choose POP/IMAP to open that tab
• And then, click on the Disable forwarding option there
• In the end, click on the Save Changes button

These are a few reasons behind not receiving emails on Gmail and if still, you aren’t able to receive emails even after following these steps then, contact Gmail Helpline Number UK for instant help. There might be an issue from Gmail’s server end due to which you are unable to receive emails. The experts will also help in this case.