Why Gmail is not allowing to forwarding a Sent email?

The web-based email of Google client Gmail doesn’t offer a built-in way for you to forward sent email automatically. This doesn’t mean you cannot do it and you have a number of workarounds to select from depending on your requirements, although none of them is as simple and easy built-in automatic forwarding would be.

If you aren’t able to forward the Sent email on Gmail then, you will need to follow a few steps to fix this error immediately. We are here with the exact resolutions to get rid of this error and can then, forward the sent email again.

Why Gmail is not allowing to forwarding a Sent email?

Gmail won’t allow Forwarding Sent email: Instant Fixings

There are a few fixings to get rid of this error that won’t allow Forwarding Sent emails and follow them one by one as given below.

Manual BCC

Forwarding an email is like a special task of sending it while you cannot forward a message altogether when you send it then, you will need to do is to add the forwarded message to the list of the recipients. For aesthetics or privacy, you will need to do this on the blind carbon copy like therefore there are no other recipients who will see it. Gmail has an auto-complete feature, therefore this is not the same as the full automation at least you have only had to enter a couple of characters into the BCC domain. This is because Gmail can figure out who you mean to send it to.

If you want to forward to multiple people, you can save yourself work just by creating a mail list for them, and then, you should BCCing that list. Make sure if you want to forward emails back to the account of the sender, Gmail has the power to keep the permanent copies of the outgoing email in the folder “Sent Messages”.

Third-Party Automatic BCC

While Gmail doesn’t offer a native resolution for copying someone automatically when you send an email, third-party applications will do. Most of them will use a Web browser extension that means they might only work on some browsers and hence check for compatibility with your browser before the installation. These applications might include Gmail Auto BCC, BCC Me for Gmail, or Auto BCC Gmail.

Filters Stop Working

Gmail's own filters are the most intuitive solution that will not work. For instance – you cannot create a filter for forwarding sent emails. You cannot create a filter to label outgoing emails and after that, create another filter to forward labeled ones. You cannot create a filter to search for emails from you and you can forward them. In fact, no filter-based fixings work, since the Gmail filter allows forwarding on incoming emails and not outgoing ones.

Using POP3

If you are failed to forward Sent mail as a method to check the outgoing/sent messages of somebody such as an employee or child, and if you have access to the Gmail account then, you can do this with less work by using POP3. POP3 means “Post office protocol” version 3. This is the method to download Gmail messages to the local PC so that, one can use them in a local email client like Thunderbird Mozilla or Microsoft Outlook. You have to go to the settings panel of your Gmail account and click on “Forwarding and IMAP/POP”, enable POP, and configure the local email client for downloading emails. You have to do this only once and after that, you can check all outgoing and incoming emails.

Follow the above-given methods to fix this error and now you can forward outgoing email easily. If still the issue occurs, then call Gmail Customer Care UK to get instant and reliable help regarding the same.