Why I am facing an issue while changing my Gmail password?

Gmail allows you to change passwords from time to time to keep the Gmail account safe and secure. This email service is one of the best and secure ones and this is the reason people love to use it anytime. One can easily reset the password after signing in to their account and if they have forgotten their email password then, all they need to do is to recover their password by clicking on the link “forgot password?” which appeared just below the sign-in options. Click on that and follow the on-screen instruction to recover your forgotten password.

In case, if you are all set to change your Gmail password but get stuck because of some issue then, we are here with the exact resolution of that error. In case if you are facing any issue while changing your Gmail password then, there are a lot of reasons behind it and we will discuss all of them with their resolution procedures.

Why I am facing an issue while changing my Gmail password?

Causes and resolution for Gmail password changing failure

If you are not able to change your Gmail password then, there are some causes and fixings behind it which we are going to discuss.

Check Network Connectivity

Gmail Password changing failure might occur because of a weak internet connection and hence, it is recommended to check the network connectivity and try to change the password again. For that, go to a trusted web browser and then, search for something else and if the searches are loading and a new page opens then there might be an issue from Gmail. And, if the searching page doesn’t load then, contact the network operator.

Recovery Details Incorrect

While changing the password, you will be asked to enter a recovery code on the alternate email address or phone number. If you have entered an incorrect email address or phone number then, Gmail won’t recognize that, and hence, you get stuck with Gmail password changing failure issue. It is highly recommended to re-check the recovery email address or phone number and try again.

Too Many Attempts

For account security, there is a limit set by the Gmail service. You can attempt a limited password recovery through SMS, email, or Account recovery form. Google usually disables a particular account recovery option on temporary bass after too many wrong attempts. The option for recovery will be again enabled on the date that is indicated just below the recovery option. In the meantime, you can use the different recovery options.

Secret Question Disappeared

Secret questions won’t be available as a recovery option on the password-assistance page, but it will be available as one of the questions series on the Account Recovery Form. The users can have access to the Account Recovery from the password-assistance page by choosing the option “I don’t know my password” by entering the username and clicking on the link to check the identity on the appeared page.

Doesn’t have access to the Recovery Email address and phone number

In case, if you have forgotten your username, id or password then, Gmail will provide you recovery options to access the account. If you cannot have access to the recovery email address and phone number then, you can click on the link that appears at the bottom of the page to verify the identity. You will be then provided a series of questions to check that you are the owner of the account. You will be asked many questions and you have to answer them and make sure that your answers are correct.

These are a few reasons and resolutions for Gmail Password Change failure and you will need to follow the given steps very carefully. In case if you don’t have access to the recovery details then, contact Gmail Support Number UK and get connected with the experts to get instant assistance. The technicians are available there to serve you best in order to provide an exact resolution regarding the same.